The Wheatland Standard

How the Electrical Industry Should Invest in the Next Generation

by David Burnette on September 12, 2012

In the last year or so, our industry has taken a reflective approach—recognizing changing workplace trends and harnessing opportunities to better ourselves and our companies. Conference agendas and industry associations alike remind us that the next generation doesn’t “get” electrical distribution; much less why they would want to work i...

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The Science of Slip: FasTrak Plus Electrical Metallic Tubing

by Mike Ziegler on September 6, 2012

When you first walk into a car dealership and lay your eyes on the vehicle that you’ve been researching on the web for the past month, what’s the first thing you see?  If you’re like most people it’s the paint job. The glossy, shiny, just waxed looking clearcoat over the rich and vibrant basecoat is the very first that catches your eye....

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Twitter Chat Brings Light to Electrical Industry

by David Burnette on August 9, 2012

Just a few months ago, top leaders in the industry gathered at the National Association of Electrical Distributors National Meeting, giving us the opportunity to meet with distributor partners. We had over 25 of these meetings to harvest our customers’ intelligence and insights to become a more effective par...

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