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Wheatland distributors don’t just stock products, they help contractors solve problems. And we’re proud to be part of the process. That’s why we continue to invest in technologies for better logistics management, better ordering insight and better business for you. As a division of Zekelman Industries, we’re doing our part to MAKE IT eZ.

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Z-Commerce™ Online Portal

Get the real-time info you need to make better decisions when purchasing from Wheatland. Product availability. Pricing. And more. It’s free!

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Are you set up to do EDI transactions? We are, too. Let’s use EDI together.

Automated Inventory Management (AIM)

Increase inventory turns and reduce inventory costs with automated replenishment of your top-selling Wheatland products.

A Full Line of American Made Pipe & Tube Products

Join us in Supporting American Metal

It’s the grass-roots initiative Zekelman started to celebrate the domestic steel industry.

Learn about American Metal

Wheatland Rigid

No doubt it’s domestic . Conduit and couplings are made proudly at our mills in the USA.

Apps and Calculators

Did you know we have tools to help you find products and calculate fence wind load?

Make it here

Let's manufacture a better future. Let's restore and reshore. Let's make it here.