The Wheatland Standard

Bridging the Gap between Manufacturers and Distributors

by Jim Hays on April 21, 2015

Too often manufacturers take advantage of their relationship with distributors. They think: we’ll just make sure they’re all stocked with our products so they can go to work and move our offerings off the floor. Said manufacturers (and their salespeople) might provide some information about their products, but other than that they leave it up t...

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A Simple, Four-Step Approach to Construction Safety

by Jelani Rucker on March 4, 2015

It's a well-known fact that working in construction has its hazards, and with construction season upon us – if winter ever decides to leave, that is – safety on the job site should be a focal point for every project manager's mind. If safety's not a main concern, take these numbers into consideration (courtesy of...

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17 Neglected Manufacturing Careers

by Jelani Rucker on February 9, 2015

When people think of careers in manufacturing, it’s safe to say they think of the plant workers and not far beyond that. And there’s no question the production workers are the heart of our operation. Without our plant employees, we wouldn’t be able to produce anything – even given the increase in automated plant tasks. However, there are...

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How 20-Foot Conduit Can Benefit Your Next Project

by Jelani Rucker on January 20, 2015

Switching from the familiar to the unfamiliar can be a difficult change for anyone, and it's no different for contractors when deciding to specify a new product for their next project. Sure, the unfamiliar is intimidating, but it also holds the potential to completely revolutionize the way you do business, complete projects, and save money. Sl...

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SureThread Pipe Paint FAQ

by Jelani Rucker on January 13, 2015

Wheatland Tube is building a new paint line at our Council Avenue facility, which will allow us to improve our SureThread Pipe Products. The answers to some frequently asked questions about what will change and why are listed below....

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4 Ways Project Managers Can Save Money on Construction Projects

by Jelani Rucker on January 6, 2015

As project manager, it’s your job to make sure a project is completed. Responsible for the planning, coordinating, budgeting and supervision the project from start to finish, you are the point person. You make sure everything goes smoothly – even though it probably won’t. (It’s the sad truth, my friends.) Despite the hours spent planning...

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