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How 20-Foot Conduit Can Benefit Your Next Project

on January 20, 2015

Switching from the familiar to the unfamiliar can be a difficult change for anyone, and it’s no different for contractors when deciding to specify a new product for their next project. Sure, the unfamiliar is intimidating, but it also holds the potential to completely revolutionize the way you do business, complete projects, and save money.

Slightly partial to our own 20-foot FastrakTM Plus EMT and DuraGuardTM conduit products, we’ve identified several advantages of switching from standard 10-foot products to longer, more efficient 20-foot products. Sharing that knowledge with you, below I’ll outline some benefits of using 20-foot conduit, in addition to the projects that are most suited for 20′ EMT.

Let’s get started!

Projects Most Suitable for 20-Foot Conduit

While I’d love to tell you, “use 20-foot conduit for every project”, the truth is it’s not ideal for all applications. However, it is highly effective for long-run applications. In fact, the 20′ product saved one of our customer’s team 15 to 20 minutes of installation time per 100 feet.

Some projects applications that have seen just how beneficial 20′ conduit is include:

• Warehouses
• Manufacturing facilities
• Big box retail
• Infrastructure
• Parking garages
• Healthcare
• Stadiums
• Mass transit rail

Don’t just take my word for it; see how T5 Data Center saved time and money by using 20′ EMT.

T5 Data Center CTA

5 Benefits of Using 20-foot Conduit for Your Next Project

1. It reduces the number of couplings needed
Using 20′ conduit compared to 10′ reduces the couplings needed by 50%. This in turn decreases the budget needed for couplings, helping reduce the overall cost of the project.

2. It decreases time spent installing connections
By reducing the number of couplings needed for a project, it decreases the amount of time spent installing the couplings. This contributes to time and cost savings, from both a product and labor perspective.

3. It’s easy to bend
Despite the inclination to think a longer product would be more difficult to handle, our 20′ EMT is easy to bend – especially compared to having to bend two 10′ pieces. This will save you on-site fabrication time as well as installation time.

4. It saves on installation time
Switching out 10′ EMT for 20′ EMT will decrease the time needed to install the product. You’ll be able to cover twice the distance in half the time – at least that’s what T5 Data Center was able to do! Add that to the decreased time spent installing the couplings and you really can’t go wrong with 20′!

5. It could help cut labor costs
As I mentioned above, using 20′ products can save you a significant amount of installation time, which will help you cut labor costs. As you know, many factors contribute to the costs (planned and unplanned) encountered during a project. Using more efficient products is one way to combat those costs; here are some other ways you can save money on your construction projects.

Curious how 20′ EMT can help cut costs for you? Plug your project’s specs into our 20-Foot calculator and let us calculate how much time and money you’ll save with Wheatland’s 20-foot conduit.

20FasTrak Plus EMT Calc

What do you think? Will you consider 20-foot conduit for your next long-run application project? Share your thoughts about 20′ EMT in the comments below.


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