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Rigid Metal Conduit 1
  • RMC has the thickest wall of all the metallic raceways, is hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to offer long-lasting value and exceptional physical protection, and can be readily cut, bent, or threaded on the job, making it indispensable for all large-size conduit installations.

Elbows, Couplings & Nipples 2
  • Made from the same materials as our Conduits, our Steel Elbows & Nipples are produced in-house with our specialized hot-dip and in-line galvanizing processes that sets the quality benchmark for the industry. Our couplings are electro-plated.

Color Check™ EMT 3
  • Featuring nine vivid, durable colors, our Color Check™ EMT's coatings are applied over in-line galvanized coatings to ensure superior OD corrosion protection. Color Check Color-Coded EMT will exceed your identification-system needs.

20 Foot EMT & Rigid 4
  • Our 20-foot nominal length of EMT reduces the number of connections and associated labor in assembling steel raceways, while conforming to the same manufacturing standards and listings as our 10-foot lengths

Rigid Aluminum Conduit 5
  • One-third the weight of our steel RMC and with a bright, attractive appearance, our RAC provides extra protection in most corrosive and industrial environments.

Intermediate Metal Conduit 6
  • Our IMC weighs approximately 33% less than Rigid Metal Conduit while delivering exceptional physical protection for cables and conductors, reducing exposure to EMF, shielding against EMI, and providing an excellent electrical path to ground.

FasTrak Plus EMT 7
  • We apply a proprietary-slick, smooth-ID coating to our EMT to drive superior wire pull performance. The light wall EMT has exceptional mechanical properties that provide for easy hand bending on small sizes while delivering a smooth bend on intermediate and larger sizes.

Electrical Conduit

We supply a full range of steel conduit (RMC, IMC and EMT) that offers superior physical protection for electrical conductors. Wheatland electrical conduit is recognized as an equipment grounding conductor by the NEC® and acts as an effective shield against electrical magnetic interference (EMI).  All three products are available in 10-foot lengths, and color coded electrical conduit options. Many trade sizes of RMC and EMT are also available in 5-ft and 20-ft. EMT lengths, which helps speed installation, and reduce costs.

Wheatland also supplies Rigid Aluminum Conduit (RAC), which provides extra protection in most corrosive and industrial atmospheres, ease of installation, reduced maintenance costs and a bright, attractive appearance.

To complement our conduit, we carry a full line of elbows, couplings, nipples, and running thread pipe.

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