Steel Rigid Metal Conduit (RMC)

Help your customers keep conductors and cables exceptionally safe. Steel RMC from Wheatland Tube delivers the highest levels of physical protection.

The Ultimate Protection

Wheatland Tube’s steel RMC is all made and melted in America for jobs that require the physical protection that only the thickest walls can provide. Fabricated of hot-dipped galvanized steel inside and out, RMC is tough enough for use in outdoor applications, energy and manufacturing plants, and corrosive environments. Plus, it’s easy to cut, bend and thread on the job.

Trade sizes: ½−6
Lengths: 10′
Available in 8 vivid colors (trade sizes ½–4)


Wheatland Tube's newest product, ZI-Strut, is engineered with half-slot construction and made from quality steel. And, we co-load ZI-Strut with our complete line of steel and aluminum products. We MAKE IT eZ.
Make sure to specify American-made when purchasing your PVC-coated conduit.
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Color conduit  |  Quickly identify critical systems

Color conduit is available in 8 vivid colors to help differentiate critical systems at a glance.

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Install easier with our SpeedCouple pre-installed swivel coupling.


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