A satisfying solution for both client and contractor: SmartCompression EMT

The client loves the install, and we loved working with it. Better structural integrity, less labor — what’s not to love?”

It’s important for the client to love the finished project, but it’s a real success when the team enjoys working on it. When installing 21,600 feet of SmartCompression EMT as part of a $30 million expansion, the electrical contractor for a large manufacturer in Texas discovered how much easier it can be to create a structurally sound installation.

0 % reduction in labor cost
0 k sq. ft. expansion
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SmartCompression™ EMT

EMT conduit with pre-installed compression fitting for faster installation.

SmartSet™ EMT

With built-in set screw coupling to help contractors work smarter.


Conduit and elbows with pre-installed swivel coupling to help contractors work faster.

20' EMT and Conduit

Available in twice the traditional length to reduce installation time.