A fast, clean-looking install with 10' and 20' SmartSet EMT

I couldn’t believe how fast and easy the install was, especially for a project this size.”

Feeding wire and blowing-in string for a 1.3 million sq.-ft. facility is no easy feat. But with SmartSet EMT, one electrical contractor was able to fit more material on the lift and eliminate coupling mismatches to give the new distribution center a sleek look in nearly half the time.

0 % time savings with 10' SmartSet EMT
0 % time savings with 20' SmartSet EMT
0 % fewer couplings required with 20' SmartSet EMT
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SmartCompression™ EMT

EMT conduit with pre-installed compression fitting for faster installation.

SmartSet™ EMT

With built-in set screw coupling to help contractors work smarter.


Conduit and elbows with pre-installed swivel coupling to help contractors work faster.

20' EMT and Conduit

Available in twice the traditional length to reduce installation time.