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Wheatland Tube’s 2015 NECA Recap

on October 8, 2015

There’s no better way to meet and network with your peers, and check out thousands of product and service solutions than at the National Electrical Contractor’s Association’s number one show for the electrical industry. Wheatland Tube was one of the many exhibitors that displayed products at NECA from October 3 – 6 in San Francisco, California. Judging by this year’s turnout, we understand why San Francisco has been named “Everybody’s Favorite City.” There is strength in numbers and it was great to see a steady stream of attendees during the NECA show. We also enjoyed talking to both current and potential customers.

NECA Booth

Wheatland Tube’s 2015 NECA Focus

This year, Wheatland came with a bigger focus and a bigger presence to deliver a stronger message in terms of “Working Smarter, Not Harder” for the end user. We introduced our new specialty products at NECA and explained why they are easy to use and how they deliver true on-the-job time savings. Our featured products this year included:

20” EMT Rigid Steel Conduit 
NECA Products

Faster, lower-cost installation
• Ideal for long runs
• Cuts production costs by eliminating 50% of the connections used for each run
• Used for big-box retail, airports, data centers and other projects that require large volumes of conduit and fittings
• 100% Made & Melted in U.S.A.

Color-Coded EMT

Easy identification
• Available in 9 vivid colors
• Enables on the sport identification of critical circuits such as fire, alarm, healthcare, and high and low voltage systems
• Available in trade sizes ½” – 4”
• Available in 10’ and 20’ lengths

SmartSet™ EMT with Built-in Set Screw Coupling ~ NEW PRODUCT

The Smart Way to Raceway
• No need to inventory or install separate couplings, SmartSet EMT comes with a built-in set screw coupling
• Available in trade sizes 1¼” – 4”
• Available in 10’ and 20’ lengths
• Available in 9 vibrant colors

SpeedCouple: Pre-Installed Swivel Coupling~ NEW PRODUCT

Same functionality as a three-piece coupling or split bolt
• Available on 10’ and 20’ DuraGuard rigid, and IMC and elbows
• Available in 2-5 for DuraGuard rigid and elbows
• Available in 2-4 for IMC
• Straight runs and elbows
• Listed as concrete tight

We look forward to participating as an exhibitor next year; see you in Bean Town!