Schedule 40 Fire Sprinkler Pipe

Make sure your customers have the highest-quality fire sprinkler pipe: Schedule 40 pipe, made in America of 100% steel.

Guaranteed to meet the updated ASTM A53 and A795 standards

Revisions to ASTM A53 and A795 now require galvanized sprinkler pipe to be free of debris, both inside and out. Wheatland Tube’s Schedule 40 pipe has always exceeded these specifications, and is also UL® and C-UL Listed, and FM approved. Our superior galvanization process makes our sprinkler pipe smoother than our competitors’, ensuring you’re always up to code.

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Spec the pipe that sets the standard

  Wheatland Tube Other Pipe Manufacturers
ASTM A53 and A795 Standards Before Now Now
Hot-dip galvanized checkmark checkmark checkmark
Interior blown out checkmark checkmark ?
Debris-free checkmark checkmark ?
No bumps checkmark checkmark ?
No bare spots checkmark checkmark ?

A better process means better results

Every Wheatland Tube Schedule 40 pipe is:

  • Rinsed and hot-dipped in house
  • Smoothed with high-pressure air knives
  • Blown out with steam to eliminate ash, dross and other contaminants
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Tested to Meet or Exceed the Highest Standards

Wheatland Tube’s Schedule 40 outperforms and outlasts standard lacquer-coated pipe, and it’s manufactured with our MIC Shield™ antimicrobial coating to limit corrosion from microbes. Schedule 40 pipe is available in hot-dip or galvanized black, and is easily painted without special preparation.

Trade sizes: 1−8
Lengths: 21′, 24′ and 25′


Depend on Wheatland for the industry’s broadest offering of fire sprinkler pipe. It’s all American made and readily available. We MAKE IT eZ.

CPVC Compatibility

If you design and install fire protection systems, you may face new risks. That’s why Wheatland has published the CPVC Issue Briefing. This free report has the information you need to understand the situation. And rest assured that Wheatland guarantees its steel pipe is 100% compatible with systems that use only 100% steel pipe in the fire protection system.

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The Wheatland Pipe app enables professionals involved in the mechanical and fire protection industries to view Wheatland’s full line of steel pipe products from their iPad device, including specifications, code information, and helpful videos and technical briefings on industry-related topics.

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