Mega-Thread Fire Sprinkler Pipe

Help your customers save costs by downsizing entire threadable sprinkler systems with improved hydraulic performance, using Mega-Thread from Wheatland Tube.

Superior Flow For Threadable Applications

Mega-Thread’s ID is 3.6% larger than Schedule 40, for superior flow in a light-walled steel pipe and added hydraulic cost savings. Approved for standard hanger spacing, it’s easily joined with screwed, grooved, or plain-end fittings. Mega-Thread is protected against corrosion with our proprietary MIC Shield™ antimicrobial coating, is made in the USA and rated for 300 psi. It’s UL® and C-UL Listed, FM approved for wet, dry and pre-action sprinkler systems, and its hot-dipped galvanized pipe meets FM requirements for dry systems. It also meets or exceeds NFPA 13, NFPA 14, and ASTM A795, Type E, Grade A standards.

Trade sizes: 1−2
Lengths: 21′, 24′ and 25′


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CPVC Compatibility

If you design and install fire protection systems, you may face new risks. That’s why Wheatland has published the CPVC Issue Briefing. This free report has the information you need to understand the situation. And rest assured that Wheatland guarantees its steel pipe is 100% compatible with systems that use only 100% steel pipe in the fire protection system.

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