WT-15 Fence Framework

Light Commercial Fence Framework
For light commercial jobs, direct your customers to Wheatland Tube’s WT-15 in-line galvanized steel fence framework. It's the high-strength galvanized steel fence framework product specifically engineered in the USA for these applications.


When your customers need the certified minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi, Wheatland’s WT-15 delivers. It’s built for long service life, with a corrosion-fighting 90% zinc coating inside, and a triple-layer coating on the outside.

Trade sizes: 1⅜−2⅜
Lengths: 21′ and 24′, special lengths up to 42′ upon request for fast-track shipment


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Layered Corrosion Protection

Wheatland’s WT-15 fence framework features layered protection for long-term performance. The interior is sealed with a 90% zinc-rich coating, and its exterior bathed in continuous in-line galvanized coating. Over that is an intermediate conversion coating to inhibit white rust; and topping it all: a clear polymer coating to seal in protection and provide a smooth, lustrous finish.

Recycled Steel Content

The steel used to produce Wheatland’s fence framework contains recycled steel, which is the most recycled material in the world. The tube products manufactured by Wheatland Tube are produced from 25% to 85% recycled steel, depending on the steel producer — which can help building owners and developers obtain LEED certification.

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