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Chicago Bid Incentive Program

on February 10, 2014

Chicago Bid Incentive Program

chicago-1969Through the Chicago First procurement ordinance, Municipal Code 2-92-410, the City of Chicago provides a bid incentive of up to 2% for contractors using Chicago-made products. This means that if you agree to install any Atlas Tube HSS, Atlas Tube pipe piles, or Wheatland electrical products – all made in Chicago – you’ll win more project bids!

Here’s how to win more bids with JMC Steel Group:

  1. Print an affidavit for your respective division of choice
  2. Complete the affidavit and submit it with your Chicago project bid
  3. Win the bid!

Visit the Atlas Tube, Atlas Pipe Piles, and Wheatland Electrical bid incentive pages for more details, as well as to download the affidavit.

If you have any questions about this bid incentive program, please contact the respective customer service representatives on the division-specific pages, or leave a comment below.