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Wheatland’s ThunderCoat™: galvanized tube for corrosive applications

For mechanical tubing that weathers the elements, Wheatland's ThunderCoat™ is your best option. With twice the amount of 99.99% pure zinc compared to our SURcoat product, ThunderCoat™ is ideal for outdoor and highly corrosive applications.

The ThunderCoat™ in-line galvanizing process:

  • Offers a synergistic triple-coat process, OD coating that is sealed with two additional top coats.
  • Provides galvanic protection of a durable zinc layer and a top coat to seal the surface from the elements, retarding white rust and oxidation.
  • Results in a completely covered weld, unlike pre-galvanized products that must try to repair the weld surface after forming, while leaving the ID seam unprotected.

Wheatland's highly controlled, uniform OD coating provides protection that can be easilyeasily fabricated or welded while maintaining superior corrosion protection. And our ID provides 100% coating protection, including the weld, with a baked on zinc coating that provides both barrier is completely sealed and galvanic corrosion protection. We leave no bare, uncoated areas where corrosion can start.

Minimize cost associated with superior corrosion products compared to hot-dipped galvanized products.

Here's how it's possible with ThunderCoat™:

  • We make-to-order your production requirements allowing you to minimize scrap or drop associated with fabrication.
  • Our in-line galvanized process delivers a product without the additional cost, handling and transportation associated with after-fabrication post hot-dip galvanizing.
  • Our coating is easily repaired using cold galvanizing products to restore corrosion protection after fabrication, when needed.
  • Buying in-line galvanized tubing helps get your products out the door faster so you can be more productive in your business.

ThunderCoat™ Applications:

  • Solar
  • Greenhouse
  • Farmstead and Dairy
  • Metal buildings or fabric structures

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