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Seven Benefits of In-Line Galvanized Mechanical Tube

on January 16, 2014

In-line galvanization offers superior flexibility and quality when compared to products made from pre-galvanized coil or post hot-dipped galvanized tube. In-line galvanizing produces a bright, virtually lead-free coating that is exceptionally durable and can stand up to the most severe fabrication processes — all without flaking or chipping.

Galvanized tube is triple coated using a high-grade zinc alloy, followed by a conversion coating designed to reduce white rust and a clear polymer that seals the tube, adding a bright, long-lasting shine. These coatings offer precision, toughness and long-lasting protection for our mechanical tubing.

In-line galvanized mechanical tube creates a tough, easy-to-handle product with superior corrosion resistance and should be your preferred choice for OEM applications.


1. 99.99% high grade zinc exterior coating – The trip-coat process starts with a high-grade 99.99% pure zinc coating. Therefore, the heavy metals that may be found in other coatings are not significant components within the in-line galvanized product.


2. Durability and strength – In-line galvanized tube can provide a minimum 50 ksi yield and 55 ksi tensile in order to meet the toughest design challenges. Even higher-strength tubing can be provided if needed.


3. Reduced Weight – Because of the strength of the tube, thinner wall thicknesses can be used, resulting in a lighter-weight tube. Custom wall thicknesses combined with powerful yield and tensile properties, steel grades, and processes, deliver a heavy-duty tube that is still lightweight.


4. Corrosion protection –Tubing that is 100% coated inside and outside after welding will eliminate any raw steel areas and the appearance of a weld repair stripe on the OD.

Need more? The polymer third coat not only protects the underlying zinc; it also accepts most other top coats, which means your tubing comes pre-primed for additional surface coatings that you may wish to add. Whether painting or powder coating, your tube is ready to process with only minimal surface preparation.


5. Weld –It’s easy for manufacturers to weld in the factory and easy for you on the site. That’s because the 99.99% zinc, highly uniform coating gives you a faster, more dependable weld, typically without needing to remove the coating.


6. Cost efficiencies – By eliminating additional secondary galvanizing as well as added freight, handling and labor, you can achieve quicker turnaround and fewer SKUs — and deal with fewer vendors in your supply chain. And higher strength means you can often achieve lighter wall thicknesses, so more tubing can fit on a truck, reducing deliveries and associated costs.


7.  Made in the USA – Wheatland Tube offers mechanical tube that is in-line galvanized, in-house, that is 100% made in the U.S., insuring quality and traceability of your materials.


Mechanical tube provides excellent structural integrity. It’s easy to fabricate, powder coat and weld so you save on fabrication, installation and labor costs. The precision, toughness and long-lasting protection of galvanized mechanical tubing make it ideal for uses that demand superior surface finish and precise dimensions.

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