Wheatland Tube Color

Residential Fence

In addition to high-security, industrial and commercial fencing solutions, at Wheatland Tube, we also manufacture a complete line of residential fence framework.

Committed to producing the highest-quality products, our residential fencing is made from high-strength, light-wall steel tubing with a triple exterior coating of hot-dip zinc, conversion coating and a clear coat.

Applications of Wheatland Tube residential fencing:

  • Single-family residential homes
  • Pool fencing
  • Temporary fencing for pedestrian control
  • Fencing to block public access to non-secure sites

Learn more about Wheatland's residential fencing by accessing the brochures below. Within the Framework Size and Dimension Capability Tables, review the tubing wall thicknesses and gauges used for residential applications. Products associated with residential fencing include:

WT 20 CTA WT 15 CTA WT Color Coat CTA WT 15 CTA


Need continuing education credit? Take our Designing and Specifying Steel Mesh Fence Course on AECDaily.  


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