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DuraGuard™ Rigid Metal Conduit

A superior rigid metal conduit product line, Wheatland's DuraGuard™ leads the industry in providing the highest level of physical protection for conductors and cables.

Why DuraGuard™ is the optimal choice:

  • It has the thickest wall of all the metallic raceways
  • It's hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to offer long-lasting value and exceptional physical protection
  • It offers the ability to be cut, bent, or threaded on the job, making it indispensable for all large-size conduit installations

Available in 10' and 20' lengths, learn more here and give our EMT Calc a whirl to determine potential savings!

Rolled and galvanized using the latest technology, our DuraGuard™ product has:

  • An accurate circular cross section
  • A uniform wall thickness
  • A defect-free interior surface
  • A continuous welded seam ensuring a superior-quality product for installation

DuraGuard™ Applications:

  • Highly corrosive environments
  • Outdoors
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Energy plants


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