Wheatland Tube’s mission is to be the easiest steel pipe and tube manufacturer to work with. Read on for a sampling of what our customers have recently said about us.

Wheatland keeps us competitive and informed about availability.”


MAKE IT eZ with market insight.

It’s hard to feel confident in your quotes when the requests arrive on your desk all day long — each one requiring different products, volumes and timing. But Wheatland makes it easy by notifying you about changes in product availability and steel pricing.

Proactive Support
As a Wheatland Tube customer, you’ll get updates from us about changes in product availability and steel pricing. Talk to your rep for the latest info.

Steel Weekly
Receive weekly updates on the steel market so you can make smart decisions based on where steel prices are trending.
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Wheatland lets me order however I want. I never have to worry about running out of my bread-and-butter products.


MAKE IT eZ with flexible ordering.

It’s hard to keep track of different mills’ requirements for placing orders — some require you to use their portal, and others demand specific file formats. But Wheatland makes it easy by letting you place orders using the process you prefer.

Automated Inventory
Management (AIM)
Stop wasting time searching for inventory and checking on product availability. It’s time to take AIM and get the products you need, when you need them.
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Electronic Data
Interchange (EDI)
Our EDI capabilities make it easy to do business with us. We go above and beyond ANSI® ASC X12 standards, handling numerous types of transactions with a high level of flexibility. Contact customer service to learn more and sign up.

Electrical Conduit / EC&N: email Lindsay Dowling or call 312.275.1625
Fence Framework: email Hector Saucedo or call 310.669.2265
Standard & Fire Sprinkler Pipe: call 800.257.8182

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