About Wheatland

At Wheatland Tube, we’ve been making it easy for our customers to stock and install our products since we began manufacturing in 1931. We trace our legacy of service all the way back to 1877, when John Maneely, the founder of Wheatland’s parent company, began selling pipe, valves and fittings in Philadelphia.

Today, Wheatland is a division of Zekelman Industries, the largest independent steel pipe and tube manufacturer in North America and a leader in modular construction innovations. We’re proud to serve the industry with our expansive portfolio of American-made products and best-in-class technologies that MAKE IT eZ for distributors to work with us.

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Wheatland Tube begins manufacturing pipe as a subsidiary of John Maneely Co.


Wheatland begins producing steel pipe couplings.


Wheatland expands its product line to include rigid metal conduit.


Wheatland acquires the assets of the International Conduit Co. in Chicago to produce EMT.


Wheatland begins manufacturing electrical conduit couplings and fittings.


Wheatland expands its facilities and enters the residential fence tubing business through the acquisition of Omega Tube and Conduit.


John Maneely Co. acquires Sawhill Tubular and merges the operations into Wheatland Tube.


JMC Steel Group is formed through the combination of John Maneely Co. & Atlas Tube.


Zekelman family acquires majority stake in JMC Steel Group.


JMC Steel Group changes its name to Zekelman Industries.