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Wheatland Tube 20' EMT & Rigid Conduit Video

For more than 50 years, electrical contractors have depended on Wheatland Tube for high quality, steel conduit EMT, at a full line of elbows, couplings, and nipples that save time and money. One of Wheatland's latest innovations is 20 Foot EMT in Rigid Conduit. Twenty foot links are ideal for long run applications: in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, healthcare, big box retail, energy, infrastructure, mass transit rail, parking garages, and more. We put two crews to the challenge. Each crew was instructed to install a 100 foot run of two inch EMT, in their normal way.

The Red Crew uses ten foot links of Wheatland EMT. The Yellow Crew uses 20 foot links. Both crews fully prep their EMT, before beginning. The Yellow Crew quickly learns that 20 foot links are easy to carry, and less awkward than carrying two ten foot links, and they find out 20 foot EMT requires less connection time, and 50% fewer couplings. Runs with 20 foot sections are also straighter, with fewer failure points.

While the Red Crew continues to install ten foot sections, after six minutes and 40 seconds, the Yellow Crew finishes. The Yellow Team demonstrates that 20 foot sections are faster, and easier to install, and provide for a straighter, cleaner run.

When you put the longer lengths, you're going to have a straighter run, because it's more stable than having all those couplings, and it'll look nicer, too.

Gil Arlano: I guess the test was to see if it was easier and quicker to put up 20 foot pieces versus ten, and I think we've showed that, that it is. I'm 56, and I don't work out, and I was able to lift it up, and put up quicker, than the other two guys. So, it's not being competitive, but just faster. It was a better installation, quicker. The longer pieces seemed to be a lot straighter, than trying to put two tens together, with the coupling, and overall, it was a lot faster, easier. As long as, like I said, it's a nice, long run, you can throw them up a lot quicker, save the company money, and save the customer money.

In long run applications, Wheatland 20 Foot EMT and Rigid Conduit installs faster, and straighter, and requires 50% fewer connections. Plus, your crew won't have to change the way they work. Work smart, save time, and cut costs, with Wheatland Tube 20 Foot Options.