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Standard Pipe Showdown: Wheatland SureThread vs. Import ERW

For more than 75 years, Wheatland Tube has set the standard for standard black pipe. In fact, Wheatland is the only domestic manufacturer of 100% American-made, continuous weld steel pipe, also known as CW Pipe. Continuous Weld Pipe is grown to be the preferred choice over import ERW. To learn more, we turn to an experienced piping professional in the Chicago area to evaluate Wheatland CW Pipe against import ERW pipe.

Nick: So we're threading every day and, you know, you don't want to be eating up your threaders, your dyes on an inferior product. You want those pipe machines to last, because that's a big cost.

Announcer: To start, Nick threaded Wheatland Continuous Weld standard pipe.

Nick: It also cuts nice, without any hard spots, you know? A lot of times, you'll have the hard spots in the pipe, and it breaks the cutting wheel. You can tell by how smooth it's coming off, you know. That's another fine thread. No problems screwing a 90 on. Three full turns, that thread'll seal all day.

Announcer: Next, Nick worked with import pipe and shared his thoughts.

Nick: Yeah, right there, the threads have been torn off. Probably won't be able to get a fitting on there either. You can get a thread on there, but you're not getting three full turns on it, so it's not going to seal. The first three threads there have tore off and now we threw out the whole...It's not even tapered. A pipe-thread needs to be tapered before it seals. This is torn completely off, so this thread will leak. You won't even be able to use that.

Announcer: The difference is clear. Wheatland Continuous Weld pipe outperforms import ERW. Each length of CW starts with 100% American-made steel. As it's rolled to form pipe, the steel is heated to a temperature of 2,450 degrees. As the heated edges are fused together, they form a smooth seam that's free of flash from the weld. Wheatland's full annealing process creates pipe with a uniform grain structure. The result? CW pipe that is stronger and more ductile, so it bends, cuts, and threads easier. Nick sums up his experience this way.

Nick: Oh, there's been a lot of things you've seen when we were struggling, just putting that die head on. I mean, time is money. Labor right now is the biggest cost we have. Domestic pipe, it went right on by hand. It was able to come off by hand. All I had to do was break it once. I was able to quick-release it. We go beyond, and that's what makes us better than most. But just as Wheatland goes beyond, you know. They put a good product out, and that's why we enjoy using them.

Announcer: Wheatland Continuous Weld pipe saves time and money. On your next job, ask for 100% American-made and melted CW Pipe from Wheatland. With Wheatland CW Pipe, contractors win.