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SpeedCouple: Pre-Installed Swivel Coupling

Faster. Stronger. Better.

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At Wheatland Tube, we want to make the process of installing couplings as easy as it should be. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our latest product SpeedCouple, a pre-installed swivel coupling. Helping reduce conduit installation time, turn the SpeedCouple to connect two pieces of conduit together, not the conduit or elbows.

Available for our 10’ and 20’ DuraGuardTM rigid and IMC products, SpeedCouple comes in trade sizes 2 to 5 for DuraGuardTM rigid and elbows, and trade sizes 2 to 4 for IMC.

Why SpeedCouple is the best option for pre-installed couplings:

SpeedCouple is FASTER: it connects in half the time compared to standard couplings, and features easy lead-in tapered threads.

SpeedCouple is STRONGER: it’s a heavier-duty product compared to the competition.

SpeedCouple is BETTER: it’s better for straight runs and spaces, boosts productivity, cuts material costs up to 50% compared to three-piece couplings, and offers easier installation for your crew.

To learn more about our SpeedCouple product or to speak with a representative, give us a call today at (800)257-8182, or click on the Request More Information button.

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Customer Reviews:

"I personally experienced no problems at all during SpeedCouple installation and it was "especially easy to use when installing in those tight spots."

Chad Jump, Foreman

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