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A Brief Review of Test, Burst and Working Pressures

Wheatland’s Schedule 40 black and galvanized pipe, made to conform to the ASTM A53 specification, is intended for mechanical and pressure applications. The Scope of ASTM A53 states, "Pipe ordered under this specification is intended for mechanical and pressure applications and is also acceptable for ordinary uses in steam, water, gas and air lines". Pipe for use under pressure is also important for sprinkler piping, API Line pipe, tubing and casing and the coupling stock we make.

To help you differentiate between the types of testing, working and burst pressures, below is a brief review.

Test Pressure

Test pressure refers to the hydrostatic (water) pressure test applied at the mill. It is an inspection device used to assure integrity of the pipe body and weld.

A general rule applied in selecting test pressures is that test pressure must exceed service pressure to which the pipe would ordinarily be subjected. Test pressures do, however, increase as the wall thickness of the pipe increases

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