Wheatland Tube Color

Standard Pipe Products

As a manufacturer since 1930, Standard Pipe Products has offered great quality pipe nipples and fittings at competitive prices. What has been your overall perception of domestic pipe versus imported pipe – specifically Wheatland versus imports?

Answer: In the last few years, Standard Nipple Works the company used imported welded steel pipe exclusively. In 2011, the company became Standard Pipe Products Inc. and now we strictly use domestic welded steel pipe manufactured by Wheatland Tube. My perception in comparing the two products is that the pipe from Wheatland Tube is of a higher quality than the imported pipe that my old company use to get. The old company that used imported pipe did not have the best reputation as far as quality was concerned and that primarily stemmed from the use of a product that was of a lower quality. The reputation of Standard Pipe Products Inc. is that we provide a high quality product.

What has your experience been with Wheatland’s SureThread product versus import from a quality perspective? Would you consider the product field friendly? Were there any distribution, delivery or installation challenges that you are aware of?

Answer: Based on my experience using both domestic and imported pipe, the quality of the welded steel pipe from Wheatland Tube is far more superior in quality versus the quality of imported steel pipe. We are able to make a better quality product using the Wheatland pipe as opposed to what the old company used to make using imported steel pipe. We know it and most important our customers know it and never hesitate to let us know. The domestic welded steel pipe has been easier to cut and thread. We have not had any issues with distribution, delivery or installation.

Were there any labor or time savings gained by utilizing our product versus import?

Answer: There are substantial labor, time and material savings in using the domestic welded steel pipe as opposed to using the imported steel pipe. In sum with the savings involved the total cost of domestic pipe is not more expensive than the total cost of using imported pipe. Domestic pipe is easier and faster to cut. It also threads easier and better. Because Wheatland’s domestic pipe is of a higher quality, our chasers last longer so there is a savings in the cost to produce as we save money on the materials used to thread the pipe and the machine time. There is also a cost savings on not having to spend as much time fixing our machinery.

Are there any obstacles that would prevent you from purchasing this product versus import?

Answer: As much as we are committed to and desire to use domestic steel pipe from Wheatland, if the differential between the pricing of the pipe from Wheatland and imported pipe becomes so great and if our competition uses only import pipe then we would have to consider it to remain competitive. Wheatland Tube has to be cognizant in keeping the prices in line with the import pipe so that manufacturers like us, who use Wheatland Tube exclusively do not get priced out of the market.

Could you touch on your experience with threading our product versus import pipe – what has been your experience, good, bad, or indifferent?

Answer: Since our involvement with Wheatland Tube, and exclusively using domestic welded steel pipe from Wheatland, our experience has only been positive.

What did you find as a result of using this product versus your past experience with import pipe?

Answer: I have found that our quality has improved and our reputation as a manufacturer has also improved. We are known as a company that supplies a high quality product and that is because our parts are made from a high quality product.

What specific feature/attribute did you like most about the Wheatland product?

Answer: Obviously there is a cost differential in using domestic pipe versus import pipe. The differential is offset by there being less overall costs using domestic pipe versus imported pipe. There is less waste as we have a lower number of threading issues with domestic pipe. Our tooling costs are lower as there is less wear and tear on our chasers and other tooling associated with the cutting and threading of steel pipe. The machinability of domestic pipe is so much better that it lends itself to a longer tooling life and as such, lower labor costs. As a person who deals with the bottom line, lower total costs are very important.

What other benefits about this product would you like to share?

Answer: One benefit of using the domestic product is that we rarely have any issues with rust. Also, the appearance is better than the imported product; it is clear that the coating is better on domestic pipe. Availability is another key benefit as we don’t have to order way in advance and wait for the pipe to come in, we can place an order and get it within a few weeks. This leads to lower inventory costs.

Would you recommend this product, if so why?

Answer: To sum it up, I would recommend using domestic welded steel pipe from Wheatland because of the quality. It is nice to be known as a company that uses high quality materials and makes a high quality product. There are certain bragging rights that come with saying that you have a 100% domestic product. It allows us to sell to a different category of customer, one who cares about quality. It also allows us to gain entry into different markets. Believe me, I’ve seen the other, this is much better.

Henry Rudorfer, Executive Vice-President
Standard Pipe Products Inc.
Garwood, New Jersey