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Robertson Bright, Inc. 20’ Conduit Testimonial

"There is no question that within the construction industry, there has evolved an ever-increasing awareness of the precious commodity of effective, productive, onsite time. The reasons for this are both obvious and sometimes more subtle. The obvious items are the true cost of field labor, competitiveness, compressed scheduling, and health and safety exposure to name but a few. A potential sometimes less obvious reason is low productivity due to lack of direction, poor planning, trades stacking, lack of materials, lack of equipment, poor communication, etc.

At RBI, we are determined to mitigate potential issues within our control both upfront and throughout the project, striving for excellence on behalf of our clients and personnel. For starters, we dedicate time for project pre-planning whereby we conduct a thorough review of every aspect of the project. Project scope, milestones, challenges, labor, materials, lead times, points of contact are just some of the aspects covered. Pre-fabrication opportunities have allowed us to reduce onsite time and elevate consistent quality. However, when cost effective pre-fabrication opportunities are exhausted, we look to past experience of RBI best practices, as well as the marketplace for new, innovative products, tools and equipment ideas to further enhance our project delivery.

One product that has received resounding approval by our group is the use of 20' EMT conduit from Wheatland Tube. During a recent large, tight-scheduled project at a new automotive manufacturing facility warehouse, our RBI field crews installed thousands of feet of 2" and 4" EMT. As with any new idea or product, "buy in" by both the supervisory and field installation crews is imperative in order to give it a fair chance to truly be successful. Upon delivery, the 20' EMT did raise a few eyebrows, but in true RBI spirit the "buy in" was immediate. This willing professional attitude by our field crews turned it into another win for us by contributing to a more effective project execution. The merits of Wheatland's 20' conduit were shared RBI branch-wide while this first project was still in progress. This news turned into another similar order of many thousands of feet of 20' EMT, this time for a new large food distribution warehouse.

We've found that the adoption of new products, including Wheatland Tube's 20' conduit, has an interesting and important effect on company "DNA", as it demonstrates that "same old, same old" is not necessarily the best way. We must drive a culture that is open to new ideas as it is not only the right thing to do, but it keeps us energized and engaged in the exciting, ever-changing electrical and communications marketplace."

Dave Graham
VP Business Development, Robertson Bright Inc.

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