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Wrigley Field

Project Name: Wrigley Field

Location: Chicago, IL

Wheatland Products Used on Project: SpeedCouple pre-installed swivel coupling

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Brooklyn Navy Yard

Project Name: Brooklyn Navy Yard

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Wheatland Products Used on Project:

  • FasTrak™ Plus ¾”-inch thru 4-inch EMT
  • DuraGuard™ Rigid Metal Conduit – ¾” – inch thru 4-inch
  • SmartSet EMT – 2” – inch thru – 4”
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Sacramento Kings Stadium

Project Name: Golden 1 Center

Location: Sacramento, CA

Wheatland Products Used on Project: 10' Color Check EMT and SmartSet EMT

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FBC Church

Project Name: Fellowship Bible Church

Location: Topeka, KS

Wheatland Products Used on Project: 3/4" EMT and 1" EMT

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Detroit Redwings Stadium

Project Name: Detroit Redwings Stadium

Location: Detroit, MI

Wheatland Products Used on Project: EMT

Detroit Redwings Stadium

Canadian Automotive Manufacturing Facility

In the Spotlight

  • 20' FasTrak™ Plus ½-inch thru 4-inch EMT

The Evaluators

  • Kevin VanAlstyne, Project Foreman from Robertson Bright Inc.
  • Gary Bolton, Journeyman from Robertson Bright Inc.

Application-Testing Location

  • An automotive manufacturing plant* north of Toronto, Ontario

The Project

20 EMT installed sm rev1For an extensive project in an automotive manufacturing plant, which involved installing conduit to connect power, lighting and process equipment, Robertson Bright Inc. ordered Wheatland Tube's 10-foot and 20-foot FasTrak™ Plus EMT.

With 30 runs total, most of which were 500 feet in length, Gary Bolton, the project's journeyman, said Wheatland's 20-foot conduit saved 15 to 20 minutes in labor costs per 100 feet. A true attest to its time saving nature, project foreman, Kevin VanAlstyne, commented that once the crew was on site and began using the product, they exclusively requested 20-foot FasTrak™ Plus conduit for the duration of the installation.

Another demonstration of its ability to save time and money, zero scraps were left over at job completion. Additionally, half the couplings were needed to finish the job, resulting in reduced material costs.

20' FasTrak™ Plus Review

With similar projects on the horizon, Kevin VanAlstyne said he would definitely use 20' FasTrak™ Plus EMT again. Similarly, Gary Bolton mentioned that he will look at this product for future projects. 

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*For confidentiality, we are unable to provide the name of the automotive manufacturing plant where our products were installed. Working in many business sectors, we work diligently to maintain the privacy of our customers and their enterprises.


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