Wheatland Tube Color

Wheatland’s SURcoat: zinc-coated galvanized mechanical tube

When aesthetics and surface condition are important, SURcoat is the only choice.

The synergistic triple coating impedes oxidation (graying down) and flaking common to many pre-galvanized products. Our triple-coat, or "triple threat" as we tend to call it, also works to combat white rust formation on the surface of the zinc coating that may be seen on some pre-galvanized products.

Why SURcoat is the only choice

  • Its high-grade 99.99% pure zinc triple-coat protection stops potential corrosion in its tracks and keeps corrosion from getting under your paint or powder coating.
  • Its corrosion-resistant, zinc-rich coating provides 100% corrosion protection on the interior including the weld seam.
  • It can easily be formed (or fabricated) into whatever configuration you may design, while maintaining the protection of our in-line galvanizing process.
  • Our process provides all tubular products with a smooth, shiny, clean appearance that will perform well during your fabrication processes.

Additionally, our clear top coat provides a surface that is compatible with most coatings with minimal preparation. It also helps limit your use of aggressive surface preparation or chemical treatments.

SURcoat Applications:

  • Playground and recreational equipment
  • Conveyor and material handling
  • Mezzanine and handrail

For great appearance and a lasting lifetime, choose Wheatland's SURcoat.

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