Wheatland Tube Color

Mechanical Tube for Rooftop and Ground-Mounted Solar Applications

Whether you're building a racking system for ground-mounted or rooftop solar applications, Wheatland's galvanized mechanical tube is the ideal solution.

Our in-line galvanizing process provides you the benefit of the galvanic protection of a durable zinc layer. In addition to the application of a 99.99% pure zinc coating that prevents white rust, our top coat seals the surface from the elements.

We've supplied major solar energy projects throughout North America and produce a wide range of products for the solar energy industry, including:

  • Galvanized mechanical tubing (round, square and rectangular) is used as the structural racking support for roof and ground mount applications.
  • HSS tubing and pilings that provide the support to your ground mount solar racking structures.
  • Steel fence framework that guards the perimeter of your facility.

Wheatland Tube is committed to delivering the highest level of service available.

That's why we promise a 100% personalized service you deserve. Our value-added services include:

  • In-house galvanizing (Hot-Dip and In-Line)
  • An experienced solar team
  • Engineering and technical support
  • Fabrication – support piers and racking systems
  • Custom lengths
  • Most sizes produced every 3-4 weeks

Know better. Know Wheatland.

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